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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone volunteer?

     Mostly! A volunteer must be 18 or older to volunteer with no criminal record. They do NOT have to be a CSULB student or have background knowledge in teaching or art, but as of 2022 must be fully COVID vaccinated. Booster not required.

2. Do I have to pay to volunteer?

     No. The only two areas that require some form of payment- Fingerprint Live Scan and Parking- can be worked around. Volunteers can either be reimbursed if they've already paid for their live scan(2022) or go to Mail Services Etc. in Long Beach and tell the worker that the Live Scan is for Young Artists' Camp. The payment will be invoiced to the program.

          2a. Parking Situation?

     As for parking, volunteers can choose to buy a monthly parking permit for $45 to park in general parking closer to camp or park on Palo Verdes Ave. near the SRWC(CSULB gym) for free. NOTE: Free parking is a 20 min walk or 10 min scooter/skateboard ride to FA2. Closest daily general parking with the permit is G3 or G1- 10 min walk.

3. What is a Live Scan?

     Digital fingerprinting required by all volunteers and workers to get background checked. Necessary when working with children. Takes 10 minutes at Mail Services Etc, but up from 1-3 weeks to process so get it done ASAP!

4. How do I do the Live Scan?

     1. Read the "General Memo" and "BCIA form" 

     2. Print and fill out the 1st page of the "BCIA form". The rest can be printed but are only for general info. and do not need to be taken.

          a. Write "Young Artists' Camp" on the "Your Number" line toward the bottom of the BCIA form.

          b. Leave "Billing Number," "Misc Number," "Original ATI Number," and "Employer" box blank

     3. Go to Mail Services Etc. 2892 N Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90815 and get live scan completed.

     4. Done! Bill will be taken care of by Foundation Department. If any problems with payment occur, we will reimburse volunteer soon after, but volunteers must inform us.

5. Is the process to become a volunteer difficult?

     Nope! Simply read and sign 4 documents, get live scanned, and complete a 30 minute training to work with children at camp. Email everything to Feel free to sign up for whatever dates and times you are available on SignUp afterwards.

6. Does volunteering count towards the teaching credential program?

     Unfortunately no. However, if you're looking to become a teacher, love volunteering/working with kids, or enjoy art, this is a great experience. Letters of recommendation can be written!

7. Does the gallery setup/cleanup count as the 3rd recommended day to volunteer?


8. Can I signup for as many days as I want? Times that overlap?

     Yes and yes! We welcome all the help we can get. If you really want to volunteer on a day that is "full," email to open up a spot. However, we do ask volunteers to volunteer on days with less help.

9. Is the orientation mandatory? What happens during orientation?

     HIGHLY recommended!! We know not everyone can join on July 5th from 1pm-2pm, so we will provide the answers to questions asked during orientation and the slideshow for anyone who can't make it. It may be on zoom if more than 50% of volunteers prefer online. A tour of the spaces we will be working in, where to park, how to get to FA2, general questions, and getting to know fellow volunteers will be done at orientation.

10. How will worker comp coverage be provided should anything happen?

     1. Fill out the first required form(Volunteer Agreement) found under the "Volunteer Forms" tab

     2. Keep track of your hours with this "Volunteer Time Record":

          a. Pay Period Start: 07/16/2022

          b. Pay Period End: 07/31/2022

          c. Check "2nd Pay Period"

          d. Program: Young Artists' Camp

          e. Write hours under dates volunteered

          f. Everything else can be left blank

               -DISCLAIMER: "Pay Period" does not mean volunteers will be paid but aligns to the time of employee pay periods!!

11. Easier form of communication other than email?

     Join the discord! available summer 2022)

12. Will it be far to get to the other camp(s) and escort students?

     No. Academic Enrichment Camp(AEC) is on CSULB campus at the science/kinesiology buildings. About a 10 minute walk from FA2. Young Scientists' Camp(YSC) will have students escorted to Young Artists' Camp(YAC)

13. Can I switch my date with another volunteer?

     Yes. If you and another volunteer do decide to switch dates, email us at to let us know.


14. What do I do if I can no longer make it to volunteering?

     Email us as soon as you find out, so we find a replacement ASAP.

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