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Parent Info


California State University, Long Beach – Fine Arts Building FA2

Location of Check-in: South Turn-around



Driving Directions:

If you are traveling east on 7th St go past Bellflower Blvd and the VA Hospital. Make a left on W Campus Road. Make a right on South Campus Drive (right by parking lot E9), and continue until you reach the south turnaround and metered parking.


If you are traveling west on 7th St from the 22 freeway then go past the Bixby Riviera gated community. The next light will be E Campus Dr where you will make a right turn. There is an enormous white concrete sculpture here. You will make a left into Lot E8, where you will look for the designated drop off and pick up zone.




Drop off and pick up will be in lot E8 at the south of campus. Drop off times will be between 12:30pm-1pm.


Drop Off:

You must CHECK-IN at the boards based on your child's group. Isabella will let you know which group your child is in the day before camp. This may change after the first day of camp. Your child can check themselves in if you indicated on the waiver form that he/she could do so. At 1:00 pm students will be taken to their respective rooms by our instructors.


If you are late, you must walk your child to FA-2 and go upstairs to where our classrooms are located. You can park at the meters at the South Turnaround for a fee and walk your child to our campsite. You must use your license plate number for an electronic parking permit. Please contact Karla to make sure your child is signed in prior to leaving. 


Pick Up:

If your child needs to leave early or you will be very late for please notify Karla Diaz. Be sure to contact Isabella to CHECK-OUT before leaving with your child. If you want to have your child walk from their classroom to your car, the waiver MUST be signed on the Parent/Student Contract. Should you like your child to walk home in the event no one can pick them up, make sure to indicate that on the contract.



What to Bring:

  • Students should wear old clothes, bring an old t-shirt to wear or an apron/smock. The art activities can get very messy using paint, pastels, charcoal, markers, clay, plaster, ink, etc.

  • We have a half-hour break around 3:00 pm every day. Students may want to bring a snack or lunch to eat at this time. For students who want to buy food/snacks/drinks, we will escort them to the Beach Hut near the Library. The majority of students eat something at this time and students without a snack feel left out.

  • PARENTS: You should bring your Parent/Student Contract filled out or pick one up to fill out at the check-in table on the first day.

  • Mask for COVID safety(optional)



Three Rules: 

  • Rule #1: Boundaries: Students should NEVER leave the classroom or area of instruction without permission from an instructor.

  • Rule #2: Respect: Students will respect each other (NO BULLYING), their instructors, the studio area and the materials used in class.

  • Rule #3: Always do your best!



Parent/Student Contract & Emergency Form:   

Parents and students will sign a Behavior Contract.  This contract will also have an Emergency Contact listed, who is authorized to Pick-Up your child and any other important information we may need to know (such as allergies, special needs). Parent/Student Contracts need to be turned in the first day of camp. You can download the form from the Registration page.


*If this contract is not signed by the parent by the end of the first week of camp the student may not return to camp the following week. There will be NO refund offered by Foundations.


*If your student is asked to leave camp for violating any of the Three Rules there will be no refund offered by Foundations.

Summer YAC $350 (unavailable until further notice)

Summer YAAS $400(unavailable until further notice)


Drop Off/Pick up

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map-Drop&Pick up 2019.png
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