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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is camp? Dates and times? Where?

     Dates TBD. 1pm-5pm. CSULB, Building FA2

2. How much is camp?

     $350 per child (2022 info)

3. What if I want to have more than one child in camp?

     Forms must be filled out for each of the children. $350 for 1 child, $700 for 2, etc. Unfortunately, no bundle discounts.

4. My child has a friend/sibling in the program. Can they be put together?

     Absolutely! When registering, write your request in the "special request" section. If wanted after registration, simply email us at

5. My child goes to Young Scientists' Camp(YSC)/ Academic Enrichment Camp(AEC). Will they have escorts to Young Artists' Camp(YAC)? What would they do meanwhile?

     Yes. Because the students are so young, we will have escorts for kids leaving other camps to be walked to YAC. YSC volunteers already escort students to YAC, so our volunteers need only go to AEC. While waiting for other students to arrive, children eat their lunch and play boardgames/relax/do simple art activities at FA2 under the supervision of our volunteers.

6.What time is drop-off/pickup and where?

     Drop off times: 12:30-1pm. If students are late, you must walk your child to FA-2 and go upstairs to where our classrooms are located. You can park at the meters at the South Turnaround for a fee and walk your child to our campsite. You must use your license plate number for an electronic parking permit. Please contact Karla to make sure your child is signed in prior to leaving!! 

     PickUp: Same place(FA2). 5-5:30pm. Please let us know if you will be checking out your child early or will be late to pick up!!

7. What if my child can't make it to the entire camp? Can we get a discount or bring work with us?

     No discounts. Please let us know if a child will not be attending certain days. If teachers allow students to bring work to continue a project, students may do so but could also continue when they return; This depends on a teachers lesson and art project.

8. Refunds?

     Unfortunately, no. Materials are bought early on for students, so no refunds are allowed. The only case scenario is another COVID shutdown.

9. As a parent of a participant, can I volunteer?

     Yes! Email and/or check out the necessary steps to become a volunteer under the "Volunteer Forms" Tab.

10. How are COVID regulations in place? How will my child be kept safe?

     If you would like, please bring a mask for your child. Adults will be wearing masks. Areas will be sanitized routinely. No materials ANY child is allergic to will be allowed. Volunteers will escort students to bathrooms and help art teachers keep students safe. Teachers and volunteers alike are required to take a summer camp safety training and get fingerprinted. 

11. Can I pack a snack/lunch for my child?

     Yes! HIGHLY recommended. ESPECIALLY if your child has an allergy, is vegetarian, delicate/picky eater, etc.


12. What to bring?

     Old shirts/clothes, food/snack/drink, mask 

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