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5 Required Forms to Complete Volunteer Sign Up+30 Min. Training

(Must be received in HR at least 5 business days prior to start date):
Required to be completed by all Research Foundation volunteers working a youth activity program involving children or the elderly.

1. Volunteer Agreement Document 

2. Mandatory Reporting Notice

3Chaperon Code of Conduct 

4. Anti-Bully Policy and Training- Our goal is to make sure all YAC volunteers understand the signs of bullying and what action they should take if seen.

     a. Sign bottom of form creating your own signature line space of "x___________"  

5. Live Scan Fingerprinting– Live scan fingerprinting must be done annually by all individuals volunteering or working (faculty, staff, students) with children or the elderly. Do NOT allow them to start volunteering prior to receiving the clearance e-mail notification from the Research Foundation office.

    -How do I do the Live Scan?

       1. Read the “2022 Live Scan General Memo” and “Request for Live Scan BCIA-8016 Form”

       2. Print and fill out the 1st page of the "BCIA form". The rest can be printed but are only for general info. and do not need to be taken.

            a. Write "Young Artists' Camp" on the "Your Number" line toward the bottom of the BCIA form.

            b. Leave "Billing Number," "Misc Number," "Original ATI Number," and "Employer" box blank

       3. Go to Mail Services Etc. 2892 N Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90815 and get live scan completed. They DO NOT do LiveScans b/w 4-5pm.

       4. Done! Bill will be taken care of by Foundation Department. If any problems with payment occur, we will reimburse volunteer soon after, but volunteers must inform us.

Sign and send the completed document packet to us via email at: or bring completed documents the day of orientation on Tuesday, July 5th. No electronic signatures will be accepted.

Final Step: Praesidium Youth Activity Training (approx. 30 min)

This online training is for new employees and volunteers.


  1. Go to

  2. Fill in your contact information including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and desired Password.

  3. Enter the registration code: reg-csurma-566-youngartistscamp

  4. Click Validate to confirm registration code.

  5. Click the checkbox to agree to the Terms & Conditions.

  6. Click Redeem.

  7. Write down your user login and password for future reference.

  8. Answer the Registration Questions about your status and role within the organization.

  9. Click Save & Continue.

  10. Go to "Camps" under Program/Role on the lefthand side

  11. Click and complete "Keeping Your Day Camp Safe"

Send certificate of completion via email at: or bring certificate the day of orientation on Tuesday, July 5th.

Volunteer Time Record (not needed until the 1st Day of Volunteering)


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